#Relationship Goals: Why Are You Looking At Me Like That

In what could possibly be the cutest exchange between to human beings in love ever, we bring you this video.  This really is how it goes.  Your significant other could be standing their brushing their teeth and the conversation will be exactly the same. 

6 Reasons You Should Date A Goofy Guy

Nothing beats a Family Guy...Or a funny guy, which is why you should give him a chance. A Goofy dude will add years to your life and life to your years. Here's six reasons why.

Life will be more entertaining.

Video: 5 Reasons To Work Out With Bae

If one of your goals this year is to get in better shape and you need a little inspiration, look no further than next to you if you have a boo. There are great benefits to working out with your love:

1. You’ll always have a workout buddy.

Are you someone who absolutely has to have another person to be accountable to when it comes to sticking to a workout regime? If you know someone is waiting for you to show up at the gym, are you more likely to lace up your sneakers?

6 Ways Toxic Relationships Affect Your Health

Everyone knows that a toxic relationship is unpleasant. But, at the risk of sounding a little dramatic, it's also true that toxic relationships affect your health — and not for the better. Because such relationships are deeply stressful, and because stress is unhealthy, by extension, toxic relationships are definitely bad for you.

Watch James Drummond Presents - First Date Gone Wrong

He're a little something to brighten up your New Years if you're bringing it in alone and unhappy about it.  Its hard out here for everybody, but if you can laugh through it, you'll make it through it.  Thanks to James for giving us the laugh we needed at the end of 2016.  Take a gander at the video below. 

Why Happy Couples Post Less About Their Relationships On Social Media

Once upon a time, you'd solidify your adolescent relationship with a shout-out in an AIM profile. Now that we're in the era of "Facebook official" and selfie statuses, it's pretty clear that the comfort we take in being able to definitively label our relationships — something which can often feel so uncertain and be communicated poorly.

Now, it's becoming increasingly common to frequently post about your relationship (and life). If it's not online, you don't have proof that it happened.

Dating A Person Who Is Constantly Being "Difficult"

No one said relationships would be easy but no one said they had to be difficult either.  During the course of your dating career you'll run across some people that aren't the easiest to get a long with.  Everyone has bad days. Everyone goes through rough patches. You’ve been there yourself. Someone you care about is overwhelmed or stressed to the point of snippiness and name-calling, or worse, a complete meltdown.

4 Foundations Needed To Build A Healthy Relationship

Building a strong relationship with the one you love isn’t your responsibility alone. It takes two to have a relationship; therefore it also takes two to have a strong relationship. Unfortunately, many people who are dating don’t realize that their participation has a lot of weight on their relationship.

That causes most of them to suffer, or even have to experience bad breakups just because they aren’t exercising their part. If you’re having such a problem with your significant other, this post may be able to help you guys in some cases.

Showing Affection Without Seeming Needy Or Clingy

If you're like me, when you're in love or in like you have to touch the person.  I don't care if I have just my pinky toe touching your leg, if you're next to me I wanna feel you.  This type of affection isn't always met with rave reviews or reciprocated.  So whats a person to do? Of course you go through the period of a new relationship is all about getting to know an unfamiliar person you allowed to enter your life, and chances are you want to spend time with them 24/7. It’s romantic, it’s exhilarating, it’s passionate – and it makes you incredibly nervous.

Study Reveals Why Couples Like To Kiss In Public

What do you think when you see couples making out so hard it looks like they’re eating each other’s faces off? Ugh don't nobody want to see all that, get a room! But also – they must be madly in love! Well… you’re wrong about that.

A new study published in the Journal of Sex Research reveals that people engage in public displays of affection (PDAs) to have a better image.