Cute Couple Week: Saddiq and Austin

Saddiq and Austin recall how they first met.  

Cute Couple Week: Jasmine and Néa

Jasmine and Nea share how they met in two parts.  Its beautiful! 

Cute Couple Week: Milly and Nelly Share How They Met

Cute Couple Week: Lante and Beejay Share The Story Of How They Met

Who's version of events do you believe?  Either way its a cute story and we're happy for them!  

Real Relationship Goals: 15 Ways To Stack Paper With Bae

If you and your partner have big plans coming up, whether it’s a vacation,a new car, a new place or if you just want to have more money saved up finding ways to pinch pennies can sometimes be difficult. However, there are some simple ideas to stretch dollars and cut corners in order to help you meet your financial goals. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are 15 money-saving tips to get you started.

1. Go on Dates That Cost Next to Nothing

Five Stupid Sex Beliefs that Keep Gay Men from Finding True Love

We often don't allow ourselves to fully see another human.

Celibacy is Unrealistic

Gay men are taught that everything must be handled sexually.

He Said Yes! Fashion Designer Grayling Purnell Gets Engaged

 Love is in the air!  This is the second proposal we are covering this week and we couldn't be happier.  Send your congrats and well wishes to Lamont and Grayling as they've just gotten engaged.  Check out their adorable video below.

"So today this happened... He asked me if I’d marry him and I said YES  Follow us on ig @graylingpurnell and @lamontlawrenceofficial"

Watch: Jonathan and Derrick's Viral Engagement Video Is The Sweetest Thing You'll See Today

Congradulations are in order for Jonathan and Derrick!  The two posted a video of Jonathan getting down on one knee with a voilinist in tow and of course Derrick said yes! The video has taken off across the internet and has already amassed a whopping 55,000 views at the time of this article. Take a look at the video and fall in love!

IF He Wanted To Be With You, He Would Be With You

It’s a hard pill to swallow. But the truth is going to heal your heart a lot faster than simply letting it break over and over until you finally face what you knew all along anyway:

Just In Time For Homecoming: Delta + Zeta Marriage Proposal Video

Via Watch The Yard: