5 Tips For Dating While Unemployed

Even with a million degrees, training certificates, and a barber license you can find yourself out of work.  It happens. And it happens to good people. We get fired, laid off, or decide it’s time to move on to the next job. This can be good news or scary, but either way life goes on and you don’t want your love life to stop just because you’re in ‘job transition’.

Gay Couple Ends Christmas Tree Decorating With Surprise Proposal

Nothing brings people together quite like the holidays.  There's lots of love and usually plenty of gift giving.  What better gift to get after you finish decking the halls than an engagement ring!  In a video posted to Facebook that has since gone viral we see Jerrell Williams proposing to his long time beau Ryan Dillbert in a video that will surely bring you to tears.  Congrats to the lovely couple.  We wish them best! 

Improving Your Next Relationship While You're Still Single

We’ve all been in a relationship that seems doomed. Maybe one person gives everything they have while the other just tries to take everything that they can. Perhaps both partners just stopped trying. Either way, there IS hope for those singles to better themselves and better the quality of their love lives. Here are a few ways to improve your next relationship.

Denying Sex From Your Partner

For some sex is a big deal, for others not so much.  Wherever you fall on the spectrum of when you have to have it, you want to make sure you are inline with your partner.  Sometimes for various reasons a person can want to withhold sex from their partner.  Sometimes its for punishment, other times its because they aren't feeling it.  There may be other underlying issues such as past sexual abuse or depresssion.  So is it ever ok to deny sex to your partner?

What To Do When Your Partner Doesn't Treat You Like A Priority

“Why am I not a priority in my partner’s life?” If you don’t feel like he’s putting you first in your relationship, keep reading. Especially if he’s always on your mind, shouldn’t you always be on his? After all, you should always be on his mind if he really loves you, right?  Isn’t that’s how things are supposed to be?

We Only Fall in Love with 3 People in Our Lifetime—Each One for a Specific Reason

“Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.” ~ Unknown

It’s Been Said That We Really Only Fall In Love With Three People In Our Lifetime.

Yet, it’s also believed that we need each of these loves for a different reason.

Often our first is when we are young, in high school even. It’s the idealistic love—the one that seems like the fairytales we read as children.

Study Shows 50 Biggest Dating Turn Offs

Over 2,000 single people recently participated in a survey about their top 50 turn-offs in a potential partner. Body odor is the #1 reason people avoided any follow-up dates, with almost three-quarters of participants saying it was their biggest turnoff.

Bad tempers came in at a close second, followed by lying, being selfish, and having bad breath. Some other reported turn-offs included having dirty fingernails, taking too many selfies, referring to oneself in the third person.

Sex Therapist Explains Why You Call Him Daddy When He's Hitting It Right

Despite Freud saying that all children low-key want to have sex with their parents, that just isn’t true. Sigmund Freud, while a genius in many ways, was also crazy  and addicted to cocaine. So, take his theories with a grain of salt. Actually… use more than a grain — like a lot of salt. There’s no way around saying this:

A lot of men enjoy calling men they have sex with “daddy.” No, they’re not fetishizing their dads, stepdads, adoptive fathers or what have you. men calling their sexual partners “daddy” has absolutely nothing to do with their family at all.

Bringing Your Parner Home For The Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, lots of couples are considering taking the opportunity to meet each other’s families for the first time. For members of the LGBT community, this major milestone can sometimes be particularly daunting.

Surviving The Holidays Alone

Being alone for the holidays isn't so bad when you've got these tips up your sleeve.

During the holidays, there's this great sense of togetherness. You can’t flip through the channels on TV without seeing an endless supply of commercials and shows revolving around big families all snuggled around the tree, or parties full of happy holiday spirit.