Gotdamnzo Presents: When Bae FaceTime just to make you smile (Goofy relationships be like )

If you don't at least crack a smile watching this, you have a heart made of stone and don't deserve the good things in life.  If you haven't already subscribe to Gotdamnzo on FB and the rest of social media.  He is hilarious.  

New Couple Alert: Arquez and Rico Pruitt

Just in time for cuffing season!  The two met back in August during some club appearances and have been inseperable every since.  We're happy to see another love connection!

Transman and Transwoman Talk Falling In Love and Making It Work

You never know where love may find you, or you may find love.  Watch as this couple tell us how they met and how they are making it work!

Claudio & Sacha's Gay Wedding in Cancun

Gay couple gets engaged at Washington Nationals game

Watch as Tyler Garrison proposes to his boyfriend Ty Fleming at a Washington Nationals game on September 29! It's believed to be the first ever same-sex proposal at an MLB game.

Video courtesy of The Washington Nationals Production Crew.

Vintage Love: Black Gay Men Get Married On Phil Donahue Talk Show

Two Pastors Defy The Odds, Find Love and Tie The Knot

Pastor Twanna Gause stepped out of a limousine amid the whir of cameras outside the New Vision Full Gospel Baptist Church in East Orange, N.J.

Dressed in an off-white wedding gown and veil that sparkled in the cascading sunshine, she carried a bouquet of white roses and lilies, hugged several guests, then parted a sea of well-wishers on the way to her best friend, Pastor Vanessa Brown, who stood waiting at the altar in a cream-colored long coat called a sherwani and gold Punjabi jutti shoes.

Keke Wyatt's Brother Keever Wyatt Takes Us Inside His "Big Gay Little Wedding"

We're happy to see he's happy and in love!

With all of the hate in the world today, I thought I'd share a little inspiration! This was the happiest moment of my life on record! It was a very intimate wedding and I wouldn't have had it any other way. We've been together now for eight years and counting and as we approach our third wedding anniversary,  I am very proud to be a happily married man.

 If you are inspired by this video, the only thing I ask of you is that you LIVE YOUR LIFE MOVING FORWARD AND DON'T LOOK BACK! It's worth it! : )

Couple Dom and Nick Share How Their Dream Miami Beach Wedding Became A Reality

After 10 years of friendship, courtship, and love Dom and Nick Spence tied the knot on Miami Beach.  This video is beautiful.  The cinematography, the melanin, the back drop, its enough to make your heart burst with happiness.  

Falling For Someone Who Doesn't Feel The Same About You

You get attached so easily and when you fall, you fall hard. You’re willing to give a part of you so effortlessly. It started off as a mere friendly exchange but along the way you fell in love. You fell in love with the way they make you laugh, the way they care about you, and above all the way they make you feel about yourself. Every second is consumed by the thought of them. Talking to them makes everything feel lighter. It is as though they have this magical power over you.