Study Shows 50 Biggest Dating Turn Offs

Over 2,000 single people recently participated in a survey about their top 50 turn-offs in a potential partner. Body odor is the #1 reason people avoided any follow-up dates, with almost three-quarters of participants saying it was their biggest turnoff.

Bad tempers came in at a close second, followed by lying, being selfish, and having bad breath. Some other reported turn-offs included having dirty fingernails, taking too many selfies, referring to oneself in the third person.

Sex Therapist Explains Why You Call Him Daddy When He's Hitting It Right

Despite Freud saying that all children low-key want to have sex with their parents, that just isn’t true. Sigmund Freud, while a genius in many ways, was also crazy  and addicted to cocaine. So, take his theories with a grain of salt. Actually… use more than a grain — like a lot of salt. There’s no way around saying this:

A lot of men enjoy calling men they have sex with “daddy.” No, they’re not fetishizing their dads, stepdads, adoptive fathers or what have you. men calling their sexual partners “daddy” has absolutely nothing to do with their family at all.

Bringing Your Parner Home For The Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, lots of couples are considering taking the opportunity to meet each other’s families for the first time. For members of the LGBT community, this major milestone can sometimes be particularly daunting.

Surviving The Holidays Alone

Being alone for the holidays isn't so bad when you've got these tips up your sleeve.

Gay Couple's Time Square Proposal Goes Viral

Congrats to this beautiful couple that dared to show their love in a post Trump US. Darell decided to share his very public proposal to his boyfriend Rechard, and it’s an image we’re thrilled to see in these uncertain times.

He told Attitude: “We traveled to NY to celebrate his birthday. I had planned to propose in the middle of Time Square but we got into a very heated argument minutes before. So as we were walking/arguing, I surprised him with the proposal.”

Going On Your First Road Trip As A Couple

Road trips are a fun way to get to know your new boo, as well as an exciting adventure.  It can also be nerve testing, but it's also a great way to become closer to each other.  With Spring comes graduations, parties, Memorial Day, and shortly thereafter summer with all the travel it entails. You and your new bae may find yourselves facing a long road trip together for the first time.

How To Handle Seeing Your Ex In Public

Depending on how it ended, your ex may be the last person you want to run into once it's over. As much as we'd all like to pretend that our exes cease to exist after we've broken up with them, the harsh reality is that they are still very much living their day-to-day lives, even after they've stopped being a part of ours. And figuring out what to do when you run into an ex? Not so easy.

Why Talking Bad About Your Ex Does You No Favors

Most people have had some good relationships and some not so good ones. Some may even have been so good that you reminisce fondly on them often. On the other hand, others may have been so bad that you can stop thinking about how hurt you were and how terrible your ex was.

It can be hard to leave the past behind and not let it creep into and affect your future. This is especially true if you have been really hurt. The hurt can be so deep that it may almost feel like a part of you.

Feeling Invalidated

Assessing Your Partner's Mental and Emotional Health

Psychologists point out that the relationship between two people can be no healthier than the emotional health of the least healthy person. To put this in a positive context: Fabulous relationships happen when two emotionally healthy individuals get together and invest the energy to build something wonderful. Further, researchers have found that in two-thirds of all marriages that eventually end in divorce or separation, at least one of the partners suffers from an emotional health deficiency.

Guy Surprises Boyfriend With On The Job Proposal

Prepare to feel all the feels. In a video that has since gone viral since yesterday Demarrus surprises his boyfriend Chris while he's at work with flowers family and of course a ring. Demarrus caption the video:

"Today I made one of the biggest steps in my life... I love this boy we have been on the hush about us for a while... but for what... time we do what makes us happy... this my forever boy so today I showed I love this boy #I'm engaged."

Congratulations to the beautiful couple we wish them well in the future!