15 Tips To Use When Having The "So What Are We Doing" Talk

Are we fucking or are we just friends?  Are we moving towards a relationship or do we just chill from time to time.  Somewhere along the timeline of new interaction you have with a person and feelings are involved you're going to have to have "the talk"

The Define the Relationship conversation. There comes a point when one or both partners want to know, “Are we a couple or just hanging out together? Do we have the same idea about where this relationship is going?” So when you want to touch on the subject, here’s how to make sure The Talk goes as smoothly as possible:

Top, Bottom, Vers Or Alternative: Scientific Study Explains How Gay Men Figure Out Their Sex Role Preferences

In an article published by Scientific American, scientists attempt to uncover the reasons why some gay men feel they are tops, or bottoms or vers or not liking anal penetration at all.  Studies like this always facinate me because as someone thats vers they rarely seem to address us in these studies but in this one they at least attempted to.

From Scientific American:

8 Signs Its Time To End A Friendship

These bros ain't loyals, sometimes good judies turn to jealous jackasses and your bestie may become an enemy.Deciding whether or not to break up with a friend can feel like a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Yet when considered logically, it could clearly be the healthiest choice.

As we go through life, we naturally make new acquaintances and form friendships with a select few. While we put great importance on carefully choosing who we let in, we should remember to cut ties with those who start to drag us down.

5 Ways To Deal With Loneliness Without Being A Bitter Asshole

Feeling lonely or alone is natural and it happens to all of us at some time in your life.  There may come a time when you find yourself feeling lonely and you start questioning how and when exactly that happened. Trying to contemplate the facts and going backwards in time will only make you bitter and resentful most of the time.

How To Tell Someone You Don't Want A Second Date Without Being A Dick

The only thing more sensitive than a dick that just came is a man's ego.  You have to let them down gently or what's left of his self esteem will leave with you on your way out of the door.

First dates can be seen as a test of whether or not there is any possibility two people may begin a relationship. If the date goes well and you both feel a chemistry, then future dates can help you both decide how far to take the relationship. Many times, however, a first date shows that, one or the other of the people involved is not comfortable with continuing.

Making A Long Distance Relationship Work

Love can happen anytime and any place and generally has total disregard for your life and circumstances including where you live.

With a new generation of daters that love to travel and move several times before settling, being near the one you love is no longer always a guarantee.

Long-distance relationships are proliferating, with an estimated 14 million couples defining their relationships as such and a staggering 75 percent of engaged couples reporting having been in a long distance relationship at some point.

Does He Like You Or Were You The First Person To Say Yes?

Are you the one?  Or were you just another body on this hit list?  Is he really feeling you?  Or are you the one that happened to respond to one of 100 messages he sent out on Jack'd?  Maybe these guys are never really ready to settle down. Based on his behavior, actions and body language, you can usually gauge if he’s trying to play you or if he’s actually falling for you.

Here are five reasons to think that he does in fact like you:

10 Things You Need To Know Before Dating Someone That's Used To Being Single

People who are single are used to being independent. They find joy in the things they accomplish alone. Dating independent people like this comes with its own unique set of challenges. It is not as if they do not need companionship. They just might believe in playing their cards their own way, without any external support.

There are some things you need to remember when you date someone who has always been single and is trying to adjust.

1. They do what they want without letting you know first

Why Some People Leave Easily When Relationships Get Tough

When things get tough the tough get going and sometimes they get to going in the opposite direction of their relationship.  There is a deeper level of love that only some know about.

Love Wins: Black Gay Couple Shares How They Beat All Odds And Stayed Together

Gay married couple LaVell Lewis-Christian and his husband Eric Christian recently shared their story with Gay Star News about being black gay and married in America

LaVell’s childhood