Study: Married LGBT older adults are healthier, happier than singles

Meeting someone at the altar may improve your life and overall well being. Though same sex marriage hasn't been legal for that long, researchers can already detect positive health outcomes among couples who have tied the knot, a University of Washington study finds.

Do You Miss Your Ex, Or Do You Miss Being In Love?

You don’t miss his hand. You just miss having a hand to hold. You don’t miss his lips. You just miss having lips to kiss. And you don’t miss the way he held you when you were hurting. You just miss having someone there for you. Having a love that wouldn’t ever leave you. And you miss when you believed that first love meant forever love.

You just miss when you believed.

Just Because I'm Tough Doesn't Mean I Don't Want Love

I’ve always been a bit sarcastic and dry. It’s hard for me to open up and admit that I’m a closet hopeless romantic. I’m definitely cool with being single, but at the same time, I definitely wouldn’t turn my soulmate away if he came around. This is why I hold back from actually looking for love:


How To Tell If You're Happy or Just Comfortable In Your Relationship

In the words of Lil Wayne: Baby now don't you ever get to comfortable.  Now some may disagree, but you don't neccessarily want to be in a relationship that's comfortable.  What’s so wrong with being comfortable?

Top 3 Sex Talks No One Wants To Have

Worried about coming clean about your sex history? You’re not alone.

That’s just one sex talk people would rather avoid, according to researchers from the University of Nevada at Reno. That’s what they discovered after surveying 265 people in relationships about how they felt about spilling certain sex stuff with their partners.

The Attraction Between Gay Men and Trans Men

If I've learned nothing else from being gay its that sexuality and attraction can be as fluid as the Mississippi.  After posting an article about "Eden's Garden" a web series that will follow the lives of 5 trans men of color a friend of mine saw the picture of the cast and said.  "Damn he's kind of handsome.  Would you ever date one of those guys?"

How To Tell If Someone Loves You or Just The Idea Of You

A lot of guys look good on paper but when you get down to who they are vs who you wish they were you'll often find the two are very different.   My whole life, people have always fallen for me hard and fast, only to be left baffled when I step outside their perception of who I’m “supposed” to be.

Flashback Friday: Juan and Gee On House Hunters

I'm an HGTV fanatic.  I could watch it all day everyday if Shonda Rhimes didn't rule my Thursdays.  House Hunters is probably one of my favorite shows.  Everyone in awhile they'll show a gay couple that's house hunting.  Then, like seeing a unicorn or bigfoot, they'll have a gay couple of color! I actually remember calling friends when this episode when it came on.  Representation matters.  Special thanks to Juan and Gee for sharing this to their Youtube page!  

Wedding Spotlight: DeMarcus and Kevin

Congratulations are in order for DeMarcus and Kevin Harris who were recently married! The happy couple shared a video of their nuptials on Youtube and it had us crying real tears!  

A lifetime of love and happiness we are truly blessed. Our channel was created to show the world that love can happen no matter who you are always live your truth. We hope that this channel will encourage more people to love each other. That is our number one goal so enjoy all the love laughter and caring of our family.

Check out the video below.

Over 40, Gay and Single: Entering Back Into the Dating Pool At MidLife

Navigating the dating world is difficult at any age.  When you no longer have youth on your side it can seem like and even more daunting task to date, especially if you've been out of the game and in a relationship.  As someone recently out of a three relationship with someone 6 years younger than me, one of my biggest concerns in the beginning (vain as it may have been) was that if we were to break up he'd still be sitting pretty in his youth and I'd be approaching the hill.