Anthony and Malcolm's Dapper Downtown Regal Richmond Wedding

Of all the wedding spotlights we've done, this is my favorite.  To say I'm a tad bit partial would be an understatement as I've known the couple for about 9 years and Anthony just so happens to be my best friend.  I've been there since the beginning, and I've seen all the ups and downs, the good and the bad and I'm happy to report its been mostly ups and a lot of good! Being present to witness them start this new chapter in their lives was truly a magical experience I'll treasure for the rest of my life.  \

Now on to the couple!


Anthony Evans-Price

Malcolm Evans-Price

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal.

Anthony and Malcolm first started talking on BGC, now known as BGCLive….(insert chuckle), back in August of 2007, about a weeks’ worth of talking led to Anthony getting blocked….Why you may ask? Because at the time Malcolm’s roommate was also interested in Anthony unbeknownst to Malcolm, and said roommate told Malcolm that Anthony was for a lack of better words, well known in the gay community (which ultimately turned out to be salt in the game). So, Malcolm taking heed to his roommate’s advice blocked any further communication between the two.

About a month later Malcolm and his roommate were having a housewarming party during the day and a party that night. Early in the day while Malcolm was busily cleaning, two of his roommate’s friends came by, one of them just so happened to be Anthony.

Malcolm paid little attention to him while he was there, but did exchange numbers with the other friend on a platonic level. So the day went by, and the party came, and Anthony showed up with some of his friends, and left. No interaction between the two of them whatsoever. Malcolm and Anthony’s friend kept in contact and hung out from time to time. Fast forward to January 2008, Anthony’s friend that Malcolm had kept in contact with invited Malcolm to a surprise housewarming party, but wouldn’t tell him who it was for. Malcolm had just finished working a 12-hour shift and put up a brief fight about going, but ultimately when along in helps to become more social.

Well guess who that surprise housewarming party was for….none other than Anthony himself. They exchange light banter, but Malcolm enjoyed the atmosphere, and ultimately hanging around a lot more, which also meant hanging around Anthony more…..Needless to say 9 years later, the two tied the knot 

The Proposal:

Anthony's favorite past time is karaoke. He has an amazing voice that he shares with fellow karaoker’s. While Malcolm cannot sing, he enjoy watching him. So why not propose to him in his own space and doing something that Malcolm can’t do.... which was sing, and why not incorporate a mini flash mob.  

So, about a month before the planned date, Malcolm started having meetings with his best friend about her starting her own business (which was true). However, those meetings where actually dance rehearsal to the song that was going to be sung at karaoke.

After a few of these "meetings" Anthony because suspicious of these meetings and began to inquire about these meetings to Malcolm's best friend. So, fast forward to September 27, 2015, the night of the proposal. To be extra and avoid Anthony questioning people showing up that typically don't, Malcolm utilized Facebook to invite friends from far and near to come witness his one-night only performance at karaoke.

When Anthony and Malcolm walked into karaoke, both Anthony and Malcolm were overwhelmed with the amount of people who showed up, both for different reasons of course. The dancers were there in place, and the show was about to go down. Malcolm takes the stage to sing, and all he can see in the audience is camera's and smiles, because everyone knew, except Anthony what was going to happen at the end of the performance. So through the song the dancers begin their routine, while Malcolm is performing the same moves on stage (picture Beyoncé, live.... hahaha).

Once the song is completed the dancers usher Anthony to stage, with his protest, because that's not how karaoke works, you don't have speeches after you sing, but he obliged and came on stage. It wasn’t until he noticed someone slip Malcolm and blue box, while he got down on one knee that he realized what was going on.

Wedding shopping:

I would say wedding shopping was like night and day. The personalities and styles of Malcolm are very different, so it was a constant conversation/argument’s about what each’s visions was, and how to come to a decision that they both would be happy with, since it was both of their BIG DAY. Shopping for the women’s dresses and shoes were………..quite a few interested days.

Working with so many different women, who are all intelligent, beautiful, and strong minded, were bound to leave some toes stepped on.

But in the end, they could set aside their personal differences, and come together and help pick a stunning outfit that showed off their personalities, and could be worn again if ever they decided to and slay on Anthony and Malcolm’s BIG DAY. The men were a lot easier to shop for, we picked it out, and they wore it.

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding?

We had same sex couples walk down that aisle as couple and we also had the traditional heterosexual couples walk down
When traditional meets non traditional
Groomsmen gifts: Skinny navy blue neckties, and camel colored suspenders

Groomswomen gifts: Gold inverted hoops, and gold Y-Shaped pendant necklace

Favorite item on the menu:

Mini crab cakes, and the open bar….
What is your best memory from your wedding?

 Seeing all our friends and family come together to in this moment to support our love and our union.
What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples?

Communication is key. Communication is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship. Being able to have those uncomfortable conversations, and can work through them, and grow together is great. You also want to have a friendship with your partner, marrying your best friend is amazing, not only can you share your darkest secrets, and happiest moments, but there’s the added level of intimacy.

First dance song: Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran


Planner/Designer: Wedding Planner (Malcolm Evans-Price & Anthony Evans-Price; Coordinator: Felicia Taylor)

Cake: Watergate Pastry (Washington, D.C.)

Floral: Flowers by Christopher

Invitation: Vistaprint

Venue: The Historic John Marshall Hotel

Grooms: Both suits, custom designed by Joseph Abboud; Anthony’s Blazer by Tazio; Malcolm’s and Anthony’s ceremony shoes by Cole Haan; Anthony’s gold metallic reception shoes by Amali

Groomsmen Suits: Men's Wearhouse

Dresses: David's Bridal, shoes by David’s Briday

Specialty Design: Lighting & GOBO by BlueTie Entertainment

Photography: S. Stephens Production (Sarah Stephens)

Videography: Wedding Bug

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