This Couple's Harlem Renaissance Wedding Shoot at the Ritz-Carlton Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Now this is a wedding theme we can get behind.  Shot at the Ritz Carlton Pentagon City, planned by Andrew Roby and shot by Jerry Madison, this Harlem Renaissance themed wedding is one of the most beautiful we have ever seen.  From the Washingtonian:

The shoot features a pair of grooms getting ready for their wedding with their groomsmen, followed by a reception and toast. “Once I decided on actually putting the shoot into motion, I wanted to focus on men to give their wedding experience more visibility,” says Roby.

To pull of the Harlem Renaissance inspiration, Roby sourced some special props. “We pulled various vintage pieces into the shoot such as a brass fan, a phonograph, an old Kodak camera, and even the Cotton Club style font on the menu and place cards,” he says. “With a blend of whiskey, cigars, and style, I believe our models pulled off this modern version of Harlem Renaissance.”

Take a look at the photos below

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