Just In Time For Homecoming: Delta + Zeta Marriage Proposal Video

Via Watch The Yard: 
In the video, Jalessa(Zeta) and Raven(Delta) are doing a couples photoshoot on a baseball field as the sun is going down. They take a break to look at some of the shots they had done so far and thats when she pops the question. We won’t spoil how it is done, you can check out the video below to watch it yourself.

The proposal video was shot by Zeta Phi Beta photographer Latashia Gordon who told us:

“I shot this in knowing that some will have positive feed back and others with not so much of positive feedback. I hope everyone sees the love they have for one another rather than just the organizations.”

You can tell by just watching this video that these two love each other to the moon and back.

Watch the full video below!

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