Zales Becomes First Jewelry Chain In U.S. To Carry LGBT Rings

Every kiss may begin with K and maybe you should have gone to Jared, but Zales is the first have LGBT rings for you and your love. Love and Pride’s jewelry collections, including engagement, commitment, wedding and anniversary rings, are now available in over 60 Zale’s stores in the U.S. and 15 People’s stores in Canada and will be expanding to other stores in the U.S. and Canada.

“We are thrilled to bring our product line and the spirit of our work at ‘Love and Pride’ to Zale’s stores across the country and Canada, but our journey really began in 2004, when same-sex marriage was legal in only 3 states and the policy banning LGBT service in the military, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was still in full effect,” said Udi Behr, Love and Pride’s Founder and designer of the jewelry line. “As an ally, taking part in the fight for equality for LGBT people is a privilege to me personally, and has been a highlight of my career, as becoming a ground up -a collection among other great collection in Zale’s stores,” continued Behr.

“Despite the progress we have made, with marriage equality a reality in the United States, we know there is much work left to do. After supporting organizations fighting marriage equality, which was incredibly fulfilling, Love and Pride will now find ways to support groups that foster more acceptance of the LGBT community,” concluded Behr.

“This partnership with Zale’s will help Love and Pride fulfill its mission as a successful business, and as importantly, one that supports the LGBT community and will create an accessible, meaningful option for LGBTQ people seeking products that speak to their hearts,” continued Behr. “This partnership, in the works for well over a year, has been a labor of love. As we reach out to the LGBT community across the country, Zale’s has been an amazing ally, providing training and support to all their stores to provide the most inclusive and thoughtful experience for couples who are looking for beautiful jewelry that speaks to their hearts as they marry,” concluded Behr.

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